That’s what I keep hearing all around me.  It’s become the “it” word.  Oh, but that’s not enough… it could be:


Oh, how it makes me tingle inside!  Oh wait, that’s my security and self-esteem trickling away each time I hear it!

There are things I fail in.  I fail at being loving when I should. I fail at algebra now (I’m so terribly out of practice!).  I fail at following through on a commitment or promise (Sorry Misty!!!  I really did mean to bring the table to you!).  I fail at being a friend for someone when they need me.  I fail at putting others first.  I fail at being patient.  I fail at being kind.  I fail at setting a good example all of the time.  I fail at filling in for a parent who isn’t present in their children’s lives.  I fail at getting up on time every day!

I fail in so many ways.


Jesus thought I was worth His Life.  God didn’t look at me and say, “FAIL!”  Instead He sent a Savior to rescue me.  Praise God He NEVER Fails!

Look, I’m going to have bad days.  I’m going to have bad hours and minutes.  I’m going to do epically stupid things!  BUT…  I am not a failure.  Neither are you.

Those days when I’m driven to my knees because I just can’t do anything right, those days, yeah, today was one of them, I can be certain that I have worth.  I have value.  I am loved and I’m forgiven.  If I fail, so what?  Try again.  Do it again.  So I get back up and keep going.  THAT is NOT a fail!  That’s a WIN!


About udoa180

I'm from a large and loving family out of Oblong, IL. I'm a Christian and love the Lord with all my heart! I've been working as a nanny for 4 years after returning from 7 years in Ukraine. I love to do life "deeply". Shallow just doesn't cut it for me.
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1 Response to FAIL!

  1. roddafamily5 says:

    Please, please, please don’t worry about the table, silly girl! Not a big deal at all.

    I can sure relate to what you’ve written here. I am so afraid of failure and beat myself up when it inevitably happens. But you are right, we are forgiven and blessed with many more days to try…and to sometimes fail…and then try again!

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